Expect DJs with incredible energy, enthusiasm and fun! Our expert Essex-based DJs have years of experience in putting on children’s discos (across all ages)

Non-stop Fun…

All of our DJsknow that the number one criteria for an amazing children’s party is ensuring that everyone has a great time! Whether it’s 4 year olds or 12 year olds, our team are experienced in working with all ages and know how to judge the atmosphere in a room so as to play tunes that everyone will enjoy. It’s very important to us that all children get involved with the music and so our DJs are prepared with an array of games, dances and competitions to ensure that no one is left out.

We only work with the very best DJs around and we continuously assess their performances to ensure that they’re never short of perfect.

What’s more, we also monitor our DJs to ensure that they’re always 100% reliable in terms of punctuality and professionalism, so you know you’ll only be working with professionals who have very high standards.