Awesome Parties…

Teenagers know the type of music they like and won’t want something that’s second best! That’s why it’s so important at a birthday party to get the music right. With our expert DJs, we can provide music of any genre, from cult classics to cutting-edge chart-toppers, to ensure that everyone has an amazing time. We’re also able to take requests throughout the night and if anyone has their own playlist prepared in advance, then we’re willing to put it on. From the very first song to the last, our only priority is making sure everyone’s on the dance floor enjoying themselves.

We’re also committed to providing a DJ service that is highly professional and 100% reliable at every stage. Our acts are all handpicked from amongst the very best in Essex and are continuously assessed to ensure that they’re meeting the high standards we – and our clients – expect from them. When hiring our expert DJs, you can thus feel confident that you’re not only working with an amazing tune-player, but also someone who is trustworthy and dedicated to upholding the high standards of a reputable organisation.

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